Hello, At C. Alexander's Cleaners, customer satisfaction is our goal. We understand it's not only important to offer superior cleaning, laundering, and alteration services, but it's equally important to value every customer. We will always provide our customers with high quality services at a reasonable price...we guarantee it.

We're committed to doing our share to ensure that our earth stays beautiful for years to come. That's why we've chosen to provide an eco friendly cleaning service to all of RVA and its surrounding communities.  The cleaning process used uses "Exxon DF 2000", an environmentally safe soil solvent.  This means that your garments will be processed in a solvent that's constantly distilled and filtered to ensure purity. Exxon DF 2000 has a gentle cleaning action that produces soft, luxurious woolens, crisp cottons and linens, supple silks and colors so deep and rich that you will be able to easily see the difference. 

C. Alexander's Cleaners  is dedicated to Charles Alexander Harris,  an inspirational and wise man full of strengths. Through his guidance and love he taught self-reliance and the ability to stand-THANKS POP!

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